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Subash and Swostika, speaks after 10 years.

Subash and Swostika, speaks after 10 years.
‘I realized both my daughter and son cannot talk hear when they were two’; says Mrs. Rana. A family of five with two sons and a daughter lives in Dudhpokhari, Machhegaun. A poor economic status of family moreover ignorance of multiple aid resulted poor speech and hearing among Swastika and Subash, younger daughter and son.
 Rarahil was acquainted with this problem during individual counseling with Mrs. Rana’s eldest son and a student of our school. He is studying with the help of ESP (Education support program), a program in order to reduce family economic burden for quality education.
Furthermore, Rarahil as a mediator connected Subash and Swostika to ear clinic for free. “I am very positive about their situation if hearing aid is used persistently”; said Mr. Keshav Maharjan, camp coordinator of National Association of Hard of Hearing (NAHoH)
On 15th of February, Swastika at the age of 12 was able to develop speaking skills and hear clearly, while Subash age 10 can hear but is still having problem in his verbal communication.  
Mrs. Rana said this was their children’s first ever ear checkup and she acknowledges Rarahil for this help.
Rarahil’s identification of this problem brought positive difference in Rana Family.